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Special AFFSC Meeting - October 29, 2006

October 29th Special Meeting


Military/RCMP Campaign Against Pension Benefit Reductions

Annual General Meeting - June 12, 2005

AGM 2005 Ray, Georges, Janice and Maureen
Maureen, Gary, Dave and George AGM 2005
AGM 2005 Ralph, John and Ray
Gary, Dave, George, Roger and Eleanor AGM 2005
AGM 2005 Dave, Eleanor and Roger

West Coast Lunch - December 3, 2004

  Al, Louise, Brian, Art and PatAl, Louise, Brian, Art and Pat
Bob and Bruce  Bob and Bruce
  Bob, Val, Diane and Virginia
Dave, Nancy, Marlene and Steve  
  Guy and Edith
  Pat, Terry, Christine and John
Terry, Suzanne and Shirley  
Pacific Signallers Web Site and Reunion Information
Pacific Signallers Site and Reunion 2004
1st Down East Mini-Reunion - Dieppe, New Brunswick - Saturday, July 31, 2004

Former Communicators
Howie, John, Réal, Len, Frank
Photos #1 Photos #2

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