Lost Trails

We have no contact information for many old friends and colleagues. Please let us know if you have any information about any of the people listed here.

Hugh Belcourt

Fred Berube

Johann Boyer

John Brocklehurst

Ray Butler

Tony Caron

Glen Carr

Ron Connor

Charles Cosgrove

Lawrie Cuerrier

Sharon Desormeaux

Bill Drennan

Donna Elliot

B Engel

Harry Fitzsimmons

Robin Foster

Elizabeth Fryer

Michel Gauthier

Gordon Geisbrecht

Guy Girard

Lionel Hamel

Mike Hanna

Gerry Hill

Ron Holding

James Horton

Rosemarie Jalbert

Gordy Knight

George Kolk

Betty Kozak

Michel Landry

Michel Lareau

Roger Lavigne

John Lawrence

Elizabeth Levy

L. Limlaw

Donald Lohnes

Jeff MacDonald

Russel Maclean

G. MacQuarrie

Bob Marshall

Don McDowell

Gerry McGee

Joseph McMillan

Glen McNeil

Gerry McNutt

Garry McVicar

Suzanne Meln

Don Miller

Donna Munro

Denis Murphy

Marcel Oullette

Gerry Parlee

Pierre Poce

Esmond Richardson

Arthur Roberts

Leo Sauve

Marlene Savard

John Scott

Gay Shanahan

Audrey Smale

Jim Stinson

Fred Theberge

L.D. "Bud" Wade

Carolyne Webb

Audrey Wells

Jack Wilson

Eileen Woolcott

Francis Xeureb

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