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The AFFSC, an unincorporated Canadian association, was officially formed at its 1st Annual General Meeting held on April 21st, 2001. Membership is primarily drawn from former Communicators who served with the Canadian Department of External Affairs (DEA) and/or Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT). The mandate of the Association can be found in the preamble to it's by-laws:
"(a) to maintain communications among former communicators and friends
(b) to provide information of the activities of former communicators and friends
(c) to encourage efforts to build a historical record
(d) to organize social activities
(e) to co-operate with other organizations/associations in providing information
(f) to be supportive and helpful where possible to the welfare of former communicators and friends."

The purpose of these web pages will be to provide a central resource for communicating the business and activities of the Association to the world at large. It will also serve as a place to display and maintain information about ongoing initiatives, projects and activities of the Executive of the Association and it's members.

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AFFSC Board of Directors:

President - George McKeever
1st Vice-President - Barrie Thomas
2nd Vice-President - David Smith
Treasurer - Eleanor Ryan
Secretary - Howard Abbott

Where are they now? - Current Activities, News, Stories and Photos from our Members

Travels with Barrie and Val
Parts 1 and 2 - The Big U Turn Part 3 - The Big U Turn
Part 4 - The Big U Turn Part 5 - The Big U Turn
Part 6 - The Big U Turn Part 7 - The Big U Turn
Part 8 - The Big U Turn Part 9 - The Big U Turn
Part 10 - The Big U Turn Part 11 - The Big U Turn
Part 12 - The Big U Turn

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