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Geoff Warren
Comox, BC
Tuesday, 10. May 2011 13:49 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

From the son of Ted Warren, hello and best wishes to all those who might have worked with my Dad. I thank the men and women who maintain/support this wonderful site and for keeping the memories alive. Kudos!

I found the site only today (in a very round-about way) while conducting research on a late uncle (Dad's brother-in-law/my Mom's brother) who was killed in Normandy in '44 while serving with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals.

Long story short; Bill Lockhart was mentioned in one of my "Sigs" books, which got me thinking about Dad (who'd worked for Col. Lockhart years ago at EA), and here I am.

Dad didn't speak much of what he did at EA for all those years, but from this site and Buck Arbuckle's excellent overview of EA/DFAIT "Communications", I now have some idea what he was doing when disappearing overseas for sometimes weeks at a time. Was also neat to see a few pics of Dad taken at the reunion the year before?? he died in 2005.

Best regards to all.

Geoff Warren
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